Despite the high level of quality that goes into each new pipe organ, it can only be successful if it satisfies all of the customer’s needs. We take the time to get to know you and truly understand how the organ will be used and the musical role it must fulfill. We also realize that the commissioning of a new instrument is something many committee members will have no prior experience with and this can be quite intimidating. We are happy to help educate you and the committee members as we walk through a project together.

The process begins with initial discussions about your vision. We will ask questions about your congregation’s style of worship, the types of organ music you currently enjoy playing, and the roles the organ will need to fulfill. We will go even further and ask you to consider new visions of how an organ could enhance your ministries in the future. We will discuss the physical space you have available and its acoustics. Likewise, we expect to answer questions from you and your committee about our past work and tonal philosophy. Many ideas will bounce back and forth during this creative brainstorming process.

The next step is a formal Request for Proposal. At this time, we will make a visit to your location to discuss your project more deeply. It is often very helpful to meet with church leadership, musicians, property committee members, potential donors, and anyone else with a stake in the project. We will take measurements and photos and gather other essential information. At the shop, we will prepare preliminary stop lists, cost estimates, and time lines. Your feedback helps us refine our ideas before an official proposal is sent. We do ask that customers cover the travel expenses for this visit, but there is no cost for the consultation itself.

When the official proposal arrives it will contain several important documents. You will find one or two possible specifications (stop lists). A sample contract will be included for your review. It is based on our standard contract, but can be adapted for any unique situations. The sample contract will contain a proposed payment schedule as well. We will also include a sketch of the proposed instrument. At this point, the committee may decide to move ahead and ask us to prepare the actual contract, or the proposal may be revised through additional discussion.

After the final contract is signed, we will begin developing construction drawings. We strive to design cases and facades that fit comfortably into the existing architecture. You will have the opportunity to provide input regarding surface finishes and other details. Materials will be ordered and our craftsmen will begin working in our shop. You and other church members are always welcome to visit the shop at any time to see your new instrument in progress. After the pipe organ is completed, it will be disassembled and packed for shipment to the church.

The on-site assembly is the most exciting part of the project. Church members can watch their new organ grow, starting from the time they help unload the truck through the time the final pipe is put in place. During tonal finishing our team of voicers works with each individual pipe and rank to bring out the most elegant and satisfying sounds. The organ then sings beautifully in its new home. When you select Bedient to create your new pipe organ, you can rest assured that the resulting instrument will enable your congregation or institution to enjoy beautiful and elegant music now and for generations to come.