The pipe organ is the most diverse instrument ever invented by human-kind. From grand and monumental installations gracing cathedrals to sensitive and intimate chamber organs, no other musical instrument can offer the same range of color and dynamics as the pipe organ. Its richness and clarity supports congregational singing, and creates a sense of community among worshippers. The pipe organ has inspired composers more than any other instrument, creating compositions for both church and concert hall alike. The varied tonal colors emulate the range of emotions felt by people throughout all the events and circumstances one encounters throughout life. 

The pipe organ is our passion and our pride. For the last 50 years, the artisans and craftsmen at Bedient Pipe Organ have been creating some of the finest musical instruments available. We look to the traditional methods of the European masters for inspiration, construction techniques, and tonal design. Yet we simultaneously embrace modern technology for increased precision and efficiency. Each project is carried out knowing that our workmanship will stand the test of time and each organ will continue making music for generations to come.

Our work encompasses all aspects of the pipe organ and includes not only new instruments, but also major repairs & restorations of existing organs, along with tuning and other regular service work. Our highest satisfaction is knowing that our efforts enable our customers to make music that enriches the lives of all those who hear it. Relationships with our customers are one of the most satisfying aspects of our work. Spend some time exploring our website, then give us a call. We will be happy to discuss any of your pipe organ needs.