Cayden graduated with the class of 2021 from Lincoln Southeast High School. 

He has always been interested in how things work and has enjoyed music since starting the violin in fourth grade. Cayden is an organist currently taking lessons with Dr. Christopher Marks at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He also plays violin and acoustic guitar. Cayden is passionate about arranging transcriptions for the organ, and enjoys creating registrations and experiencing the different sounds each instrument has to offer.

Cayden began working for Bedient in February of 2022 as a shop and service assistant. He continues to gain experience tuning, and learning to solve various organ problems. Cayden enjoys all aspects of being able to work in and around pipe organs.

His favorite hobby outside of music is antique collecting, which has led to a large collection of books, clocks, phones, glassware, and much more.

Cayden Gonzales