The Madison

Madison 23 - Luther Memorial Church, Madison, WI 1986

Madison 23 – Luther Memorial Church, Madison, WI 1986


Madison is designed to be mobile. Its portability makes it an exceptional continuo instrument. It travels well within a performance or worship space, or with a touring chamber ensemble. Children are also drawn to this compact instrument, because of its size and novelty. It would be a good choice for accompanying young voices.

The Madison is a completely self-contained instrument. The cabinet rolls on casters and has handles to facilitate moving. The organ case is handcrafted from your choice of select hardwoods and contains a quiet blower. The wind system is located in the base of the organ, which easily detaches for moving. The keyboard is at a comfortable height to play while standing, but we include a stool made and finished to match the case. A music rack and fold-down locking keyboard cover are also included with this instrument at no additional cost. Options include a quilted cover, finished, hinged doors that close over the façade, and a removable front cover to protect the organ façade during moving. Special, custom case ornamentation, designed by our in-house artisans, is also available upon request.

The keyboard naturals are covered with exotic hardwood and the accidentals in maple. Bone and ebony are available options. The key compass is 51 notes, C-d3. The instrument can come with a transposing keyboard to change the pitch from approximately a = 440 to a = 415. The organ case is 44 1/2” wide, 46 1/2” high and 25” deep. The total weight is 230 pounds.


Gedackt 8
Flute 4
Praestant 2
Sesquialtera II (from middle c)

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