Opus List

We are pleased to announce that work has begun on our firm’s Opus 90.  The new organ is a nine-rank, two manual instrument for the chapel of Sewickley Presbyterian Church in Sewickley, Pennsylvania.  The key and coupler action will be entirely mechanical.  The Great features a complete principal chorus, as well as the Stopped Diapason from the Swell, which is available via duplexing.  In addition to the Stopped Diapason, the expressive Swell has a Chimney Flute at 4-foot pitch, a Salicional, and an English Oboe.  The pedal has one stop, a Bourdon, plus manual to pedal couplers.  Metal flue pipes are made of hammered 96% lead alloy.  The reed is 52% tin.  Wood pipes are made of premium poplar and walnut.  The tremulant will affect the entire instrument.

The case design is inspired by small English organs built in the late 18th to early 19th century and is made of red oak.  The case will be finished to compliment other wood furnishings in the chapel with subtle polychrome accent details.  The organ will stand in the center of the rear balcony, speaking clearly down the long axis of the chapel.