Worship 10

(coming soon)

The all-new Worship 10 was designed to lead worship with an emphasis on choral accompaniment. To accomplish this, we included many 8-foot stops, one of which is a true English oboe. The modest, yet complete Principal chorus leads congregational singing as well. All manual ranks except the Diapason are enclosed in a swell box. In the pedal, we include an independent stopped flute at 16 and 8-foot pitches. The Salicional and Octave are shared between manuals as “either-or” stops.


  • 58/30 note compass; AGO standard proportions
  • Typical couplers
  • Customer’s choice of hardwood case and finish
  • Traditional case fits under an 11′ ceiling
  • Fret-work pipe shades
  • All ranks are enclosed except Diapason & Bourdon
  • Salicional & Octave 4 “either-or”
  • Pedal Bourdon 16/8 transmission


  • Tremulant
  • Cornet III in place of Oboe for tuning stability
  • Bone and ebony keytops
  • Hand-carved pipe shades
  • Choice of temperament

Ten ranks

Manual I

Diapason  8
Open Flute  8
Salicional  8
Octave  4
Twelfth  2 2/3
Octave  2

Manual II

Gedeckt  8
Salicional  8
Octave  4
Chimney Flute  4
Oboe  8


Bourdon  16
Flute  8