The Richmond

Bedient Organ - The Richmond - 35-Buckingham

The Richmond Model


Richmond is an outstanding instrument. This two-manual and pedal organ features a principal chorus, beautiful flutes of contrasting character, and a Cornet stop. This spirited instrument is the perfect organ for leading worship, teaching organ literature, or playing recitals.

“This versatile specification, along with the surprisingly modest price will surely make this instrument the best choice for many churches with limited budgets…. An instrument such as this will lead hymns effectively, accompany elegantly, and play a substantial portion of the organ literature to great effect.”- Dr. Boyd M. Jones II, Professor of Organ, Stetson University, Winter Park, Florida.

The Richmond’s keyboards have exotic hardwood naturals and hard maple accidentals. You may choose our standard, straight/flat pedalboard; or the optional concave/radiating pedalboard. The key compass is 58/30. The Richmond is self-contained in a freestanding case crafted of a choice of expertly-finished, select hardwoods. The bottom 12 notes of the Subbass stand behind the case. The pipe organ case is a compact 6’ wide, 3’ deep and 10’ tall. The instrument requires 24” behind the case for Subbass pipes and access. Thirty inches is required in front of the case for the pedalboard and organ bench. The key and stop actions are mechanical. A quiet blower is located inside the organ case. The display pipes are part of the Octave 4 stop.


Rohrflute 8
Praestant 4
Octave 2
Mixture II-III
Gedackt 8
Spitzflute 4
Flute 2
Cornet II
Subbass 16


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