The Papillion

Papillion 14  Trinity Lutheran Church, Papillion, NE 1980-81

Papillion 14
Trinity Lutheran Church, Papillion, NE 1980-81


Papillion, with its divided manual stops, provides two-manual versatility. The elegant case is built from select hardwoods with custom, carved pipe shades. This instrument has significant tonal resources, making it a modestly-priced option for large worship and recital spaces.

The Papillion may have a remote wind system or one located inside the organ case, depending upon available space. Bedient’s Papillion is 10’ 6 1/2” tall. The upper case is 67” wide and the lower case is 50”. The case is 25” deep and requires a minimum of 24” behind it for the Subbass pipes. The bench and pedalboard require 30” in front of the organ case. The divided stops enable musicians to play some two-manual organ literature.


Rohrflute 8 (divided)
Praestant 4
Octave 2
Sesquialtera II (treble)
Mixture III
Subbass 16
Manual to pedal
Keyboard division selector

The Bedient organ at Trinity is a work of art. Even before completion of the organ, members came to sit in the pews to experience its presence, as if God’s Spirit somehow permeated its fiber. Without a doubt the organ enhances the singing of the congregation at worship, the mood of the people before and after worship, and the special music which graces the nave like a beautiful bouquet. We often thank God for the organ and its builder, whose precision skills rival those of European masters.

Pastor Larry Sydow, Trinity Lutheran Church, Papillion, NE

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