The Houston

The Houston Model

The Houston Model


Houston offers a great deal of tonal variety with minimal stops. It is the first in our line featuring two manuals and a reed. Bedient’s sought-after sound is enhanced by a horizontal Spanish reed. The elegant case is built from select hardwoods, completed with carved pipe shades. Our mechanical actions are unsurpassed in sensitivity to the organists’ touch.

The Houston is 11’3” tall, 78” wide at the upper case, 55 1/2” at the base, and is 28” deep. The instrument requires 24″ to 30” behind the case for the bottom 12 pipes of the Subbass, and 16″ and 30” in front for the bench and pedalboard. The quiet blower is located in the lower case.


Manual I
Rohrflute 8
Praestant 4
Octave 2
Quinte 1 1/3
Sesquialtera II (treble)
Manual II
Gedackt 8
Dulziana 8

Subbass 16


This amazing little organ was the answer to our prayers. A pipe organ seemed to be out of the question until we discovered what the Bedient Company could do for us. Now we have glorious music every Sunday!

James Mueschke, Organist, Mt. Olive Lutheran Church, Houston, TX

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