The Alliance


The Alliance


Alliance is the flagship of our Legacy Line. It has the greatest number of stops, more features, and best of all, it is easily enhanced with a multitude of available options. The Alliance is standard with 13 stops/16 ranks, a Rohrflute, and two reeds in one. This versatile instrument is voiced to fill moderate to large worship and recital spaces.

The two reeds in one are comprised of Cromorne 8 through tenor B, with the Trumpet 8 beginning at middle C. Either reed works well as a solo stop on its own. Combining the two will make an impressive full compass ensemble reed. The Flute 8 in the pedal facilitates trio playing as well as balancing registrations in the manuals. When used with the Subbass, it provides the feeling of an open Contrebasse 16 in the Pedal.

The Alliance case is 8’ wide, 11’ 2” high, and 4’ 4” deep. Please allow 24” to 30” behind the case for service access and Subbass pipes. A minimum of 30” should be allowed in front of the case for the pedalboard and organ bench. The compass is 58/30. You may choose the standard, 19th century French style straight/flat style; or optional, concave/radiating pedalboard. The quiet blower and bellows can be located within the organ case or remotely, if space is available.

We pay close attention to your special situation and individual needs. Bedient’s Alliance model is ideal as is, but can be enhanced with our line of available options.

Alliance options

• Voix céleste 8 (tc)
• 61/32 compass
• Concave/radiating pedalboard
• Alternate case style-minor changes
• Eight-foot case with C-compass or D-compass Principal 8
• Detached console
• Electric stop action with multi-level combination action
• Full-compass Trumpet stop
• Tremulant
• Bone keytops
• Crank-type adjustable organ bench


Principal 8 (G#)
Rohrflute 8
Praestant 4
Octave 2
Mixture II-III
Gedackt 8
Salicional 8
Spitzflute 4
Doublette 2
Cornet II
Cromorne 8 Bass
Trumpet 8 Treble
Subbass 16
Flute 8

I never expected to have the opportunity to practice on and play this particular Bedient organ, but now, in my fourth year as Music Director and Organist at Holy Family, can say that this 2-manual, 14 stop instrument is the most remarkable and rewarding of any organ I have played.”

Richard T. Hoogterp, CAGO, Director of Music and Organist, Holy Family Catholic, Sparta, MI

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