Organ Solutions

Bedient Pipe Organ Company has been designing and building fine instruments for more than 40 years. We are not a factory. Our shop has no assembly lines. We are a group of passionate craftspeople, who combine wood, metal, and cutting-edge technology into inspiration.

Pipe Organs for Worship, Universities, and Concert Halls

Many churches, universities, and recital halls throughout the U.S. have Bedient pipe organs. We are respected and sought after for our beautifully-crafted instruments. We design and build pipe organs that impact the musicians who play them as well as the people listening. Bedient instruments inspire while they feel like they have always been part of the space in which they are played.

We design and build custom pipe organs, but we also have a Legacy Line of organs. These instruments are completed designs which can be modified to meet the needs of your space. Many of the features are preset, but there is still room for imagination.

The Legacy Line for Larger Spaces


The Alliance

The Alliance is the flagship of our Legacy Line. It has the greatest number of stops, more features, and best of all, it is easily enhanced with a multitude of available options. The Alliance is standard with 13 stops/16 ranks, a Rohrflute, and two reeds in one. This versatile instrument is voiced to fill moderate to large worship and recital spaces.
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The Phoenix

The Phoenix has 15 ranks /14 stops, making it a sophisticated solution for small to medium-sized worship and recital spaces. The Phoenix offers more stops and ranks than the Richmond (below). It also contains a fully-enclosed, functional swell division under expression.
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The Richmond

The Richmond is an outstanding instrument. This two-manual and pedal organ features a principal chorus, beautiful flutes of contrasting character, and a Cornet stop. This spirited instrument is the perfect organ for leading worship, teaching organ literature, or playing recitals.
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The Houston Model

The Houston

The Houston offers a great deal of tonal variety with minimal stops. It is the first in our line featuring two manuals and a reed. Bedient’s sought-after sound is enhanced by a horizontal Spanish reed. The elegant case is built from select hardwoods, completed with carved pipe shades. Our mechanical actions are unsurpassed in sensitivity to the organists’ touch.
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The Papillion

The Papillion, with its divided manual stops, provides two-manual versatility. The elegant case is built from select hardwoods with custom carved pipe shades. This instrument has significant tonal resources, making it a modestly-priced option for large worship and recital spaces.
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The Legacy Line for Smaller Spaces

Bedient Pipe Organ Opus 68Bedient Pipe Organ Company has solutions for small spaces as well. Our smaller instruments are perfect for rehearsal and continuo. They are fully-functioning pipe organs that are lovely enough to display prominently in your home, chapel, or studio. Our Legacy Line offers mechanical key action, compact footprints, and unique voicings. Every instrument is built from select hardwoods. Many of these pipe organs feature options such as a rolling platform, flat or concave pedal board, and stop enhancements. As with all of our instruments, we build these to suit the needs of the space and musicians.


The Boston

The Boston is one of our most popular and versatile instruments. Beauty and function pair perfectly. The pipes are displayed in a beautifully finished cabinet with ornate pipe shades. This exquisite instrument is equally useful for worship or as a continuo instrument. Because of its full sound this small pipe organ will fill even a large space with inspiring music.
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Lincoln model

The Lincoln

The Lincoln is a delightful practice instrument with a stunning design. Two manuals and a flat pedal board make the Lincoln feel like a full-sized pipe organ in a smaller footprint. This is an excellent studio or home instrument. The exposed pipes and wind channels give this instrument a rustic charm that would be equally at home in a college studio or loft apartment.
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Madison 26

The Madison

The Madison is designed to be mobile. Its portability makes it an exceptional continuo instrument. It travels well within a performance or worship space, or with a touring chamber ensemble. Children are also drawn to this compact instrument, because of its size and novelty. It would be a good choice for accompanying young voices.
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Crafting Unique Instruments

Bedient Pipe Organ - Opus 75Bedient Pipe Organ Company has a long tradition of hand-crafting instruments. We understand that the space is the largest part of each pipe organ. Acoustics, proportion, decor, and use inform the design of each of our custom instruments. This is part of the craft we take very seriously.

When we design your custom pipe organ, we scrutinize every aspect of the instrument, from key action to the final finish on the woodwork. We work with you to create and build the instrument you want and need.

Co-creating your Instrument

Contact and Assessment

The instrument won’t suit your needs if we don’t know you. We start by visiting your worship or recital space. We document the dimensions of the space and listen to you as we discuss what you need from your new pipe organ. We explore all aspects of the project: budget, scheduling, room size, acoustics, architectural elements, and musical style. Consultation fees are calculated to just cover expenses for transportation, food, and lodging.


Once we have matched the dimensions to the desires, we can start designing the instrument. This is a fluid part of the process. We continue to design until we have the perfect fit. This is your instrument. It will last generations. We are passionate about matching the instrument to the space, musicians, and audience.

Crafted in Nebraska

Once the design meets specifications, our builders craft the wood, metal, and cutting-edge technology into a beautiful instrument. This instrument is tested and voiced in our Nebraska shop before it is disassembled, packed, and shipped to you.


This is the final stage of the process. We deliver the pipe organ, assemble, voice, and tune it. We are careful to be efficient and respectful. The same hands that crafted the instrument work onsite to see it is properly integrated into the space. Once in place, the process of voicing and tuning completes and often exceeds the original vision of the project.
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Rebuilding and Transplanting Pipe Organs

Sioux Falls before and after Bedient Pipe Organ restoration.

Many of our most-exciting projects have involved existing pipe organs. Sometimes these instruments have gone unplayed for years, or have been damaged by a structural issue in the surrounding building. These instruments require deep cleaning and replacement of parts like pipes, pouches, or wiring. Other pipe organs need to be augmented to fit the needs of a growing congregation and worship space. Still others need a new home with a different congregation or recital space. The professionals at Bedient will help you find the right option to meet your pipe organ needs.

Pictured left is the Sioux Falls organ before they asked us to redesign and after Bedient Pipe Organ completed a redesign and restoration.
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