Why We Build Pipe Organs

The pipe organ is a powerful, versatile, and inspirational instrument. When wind moves through organ pipes, it produces sounds that combine perfectly with the human voice. This makes pipe organs ideal instruments for choral and solo accompaniment in worship and concert settings. This grand instrument is as inspiring as an orchestra filled with players, yet gentle enough to play as a continuo instrument. John Taylor works on a bedient pipe organ

An Instrument for Generations: Our instruments are designed and built to far outlive the builders. Properly maintained,  a Bedient pipe organ will be the only instrument your congregation or performance venue will need to purchase.

An Instrument for the Ages: Bedient pipe organs are built using a combination of traditional and modern techniques and materials. We studied centuries of organ building. We have successfully combined these historically-proven building techniques with cutting-edge technology. Our instruments are timeless and vital.

An Instrument that Suits You: Bedient designers listen. We create pipe organs that honor and impact the space in which they are played. Our instruments are pieces of audible art that look as if they have always been there.