St. Rita Catholic Church Dallas, TX

St. Rita Catholic Church | Dallas, Texas

We pride ourselves on our quality customer service.

We take time to listen and understand. This allows Bedient Pipe Organ Company to create outstanding, new, custom designs, in addition to maintaining and rebuilding existing instruments. Thus we fulfill the musical and artistic needs of the people we serve.

The space is the most important component of our instruments. Once we are familiar with your space and the instrument’s intended use, we can properly design a pipe organ for your worship space, concert hall, studio, or home. Our instruments are meant to be seen as well as heard. We work within the architecture and interior design of the space while designing the pipe facade and casework. We carefully craft our instruments in such a way that the acoustic of the space informs and supports the tonal design of the pipe organ. Our pipe designs are particularly well paired with human voices and orchestral instruments. All of these elements combine to create a satisfying and inspiring aesthetic experience.

Work with us to design and invest in your musical future.

Paul Lytle, President
Mark Miller, Vice President & Tonal Director