It’s the Sound

Bedient Pipe Organ Company specializes in Church Instruments

Bedient pipe organs are designed to capture both eye and ear. Musicians seek out our pipe organs because they are a delight to the player, and they offer warm, rich sound. We build high-end modern electro-pneumatic and traditional tracker slider chest pipe organs. Our designs combine over 40 years of research and development with the needs and desires of the musicians, who play our instruments. We have created a new American sound that encompasses nuances of European persuasions.

Bedient Pipe Organs - Opus 69, We build great Church InstrumentsBedient also offers service for existing pipe organs. This service can be as basic as regular tuning. We also repair and rebuild damaged and worn instruments. Some of our most satisfying projects have involved moving and modifying or augmenting pipe organs.

Gene Bedient founded the Bedient Pipe Organ Company in 1969. Our state-of-the-art shop is located just outside of Lincoln where we hand craft custom pipe organs. Our artisans are passionate about every aspect of the building process, combining time-honored and modern organ-building techniques. Churches, concert halls, studios, and private residences across America proudly own Bedient instruments.

For reliability, low maintenance, beautiful sound, and aesthetic beauty, it would be hard to beat a fine mechanical action organ. I have played many such instruments and those being built in Nebraska by the Bedient Company are of quality as fine as any built today.

Dr. Craig Cramer, Professor of Organ, Notre Dame University, Notre Dame, IN