Designing for the Future

Modern Technology, Traditional Techniques

Pipe Organs, both Electro-Pneumatic and Tracker, great Church InstrumentsFor years, Bedient Organ has been known and respected for hand-crafted pipe organs that felt and sounded like their European predecessors. Bedient instruments continue to be hand-crafted. We combine the best  of the great, European instruments, with current technology.

Our pipe organs are completely modern. We employ current technologies like electro-pneumatic actions, and like their European ancestors, our instruments stand the test of time. Players love the feel of our instruments. They also count on being able to play all sorts of repertoire, from early to contemporary. We are a Nebraska-based, full-service pipe organ company. Our team members design and build custom pipe organs that match the needs of our clients. We also maintain, repair, and rebuild existing instruments. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs with you.