eNotes — September 2015

Nice New Shoes!

Last month we replaced the swell shoes (expression pedals) on the 110-rank Schoenstein organ at First-Plymouth Church in Lincoln, Nebraska. We are the curators for this instrument, providing consistent tuning visits and availability for anything else that needs attention. This pipe organ is nearly 20 years old and gets quite a workout with regular worship services and a full calendar of performance events. Recently the expression pedals stopped responding properly. The rotary switches were wearing out so we replaced them with new sliding potentiometers. This change also required new solid brass treads on all of the shoes — three on the Gallery console and five on the Chancel console.

Repairs like this are an investment in a great instrument. We were happy to help out. And Jeremy, the Associate Minister of Music, was so excited to try them he didn’t even change out of his loafers! Jeremy takes the new swell shoes for a spin

Making the Crooked Straight at Grace

46 years of gravity pulled these pipes out of shape.


The same pipes, straightened!


TThe pipe organ in the sanctuary at Grace Lutheran Church in Lincoln, Nebraska was built by another builder in 1969. Over the past 46 years, gravity has pulled on its pipes, and many of the reed resonators have bowed. This month, we’ve been reversing that damage.

First, we removed all of the exposed pipes, vacuumed the wind chests, and washed the pipes. Then we straightened the pipes that needed the extra attention. To keep them from bending again, we added some additional racking closer to the wind chests. New birch saddles will give extra support and prevent the pipes from sagging again. Now this organ is ready for several more generations of service!

Daykin’s Hymn Festival

We finally had to remove the front of the instrument Earlier this spring, we did some work on the pipe organ at Immanuel Lutheran Church in rural Daykin, NE. This weekend, they’re having a Hymn Festival!
Sunday, September 13th, at 3 p.m.

Guest organist, Paul Soulek of St. John Lutheran in Seward, along with student musicians from Concordia University in Seward will lead the singing. A free will donation will benefit organ and church music students at Concordia. Immanuel is five miles east of Daykin, at 72430 567th Ave, Daykin, NE 68338. Everyone is welcome! What a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon! Call Mary at (402) 446-7398 for further details.

Saint Paul’s Dedication

2014-12-05 12.19.05The Wesley Trompette 8 and Spielflute 4 are in place. We are now in the process of fully regulating and tuning all of the pipes in the organ. Bedient Opus 70 has finally been completed according to the original specifications! It’s time for Saint Paul United Methodist to celebrate!

The organ re-dedication is the last Sunday of this month during the regular worship services:
Sunday, September 27, at 9 a.m. & 10:30 a.m.

Dick Morris, Saint Paul’s organist, is putting together some great music to show off the new stops. All are welcome to attend these services! Saint Paul UMC also hosts concerts on the first Friday of each month at noon, occasionally featuring the organ. Saint Paul United Methodist, 1144 M St, Lincoln, NE 68508.

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