eNotes — June 2015

A Bedient Transformation

Paul Lytle and Mark MillerWe are pleased to announce a transformation of Bedient Pipe Organ Company. Paul Lytle and Mark Miller have been heading the Lincoln Organ Company, d.b.a. Bedient Pipe Organ Company, since Gene Bedient announced his retirement over five years ago. With the transition complete as of June 1, 2015, Paul and Mark have moved forward with a new company. We are now officially Bedient Pipe Organ Company of Lincoln, Nebraska, L.L.C.. We will remain in our current facility at 1060 Saltillo Road, just south of Lincoln, Nebraska, until we relocate at a future time to a new location that is better suited to our changing needs.

A few new members will be added to our LLC. We are pleased to include Ryan Luckey, project manager; Jasmine Beach, financial administrator; and Bob Lundholm, attorney. Ryan, Jasmine, and Bob all bring a wealth of knowledge, and it is great to have them as part of our ownership team.

It is our pleasure and privilege to continue serving the many clients who call Bedient for their pipe organ service, rebuilding, and new instrument needs. We are the same folks you have counted on for years! On behalf of our dedicated staff, we look forward to serving all of our current and new customer relationships now and into the future.

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