eNotes — December 2014

Opus 8: A New Life Awaits!

Bedient Pipe Organ Company's Opus 8The photo on the right might look very familiar to many of you. Opus 8, the Wesley House (or Cornerstone) organ is getting ready for its new home at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church, in Lincoln, Nebraska.

We are changing some things before the new St. Thomas Aquinas is ready. First, we replaced the original wood key coverings with bone. Years of worship services, recitals, and rehearsals wore down the original keys. The wood gave the pipe organ charm, but we are confident the bone will be more durable. It will be many years before the prime hymn range of the keyboard sees wear. We are also in the process of constructing pedal towers. These towers will stand ready for an expanded pedal division.

The church itself is still under construction. If all runs according to schedule, we should have Opus 8 in its new home by the end of February, 2015. Send us a message and share your stories about Opus 8. Were you the organist for Wesley House or Cornerstone? Did you give a recital on this instrument? Did you learn Baroque performance technique on this pipe organ? Send us pictures too!

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You’re a Dry One, Mr. Grinch

Dry air makes trackers brittleSome parts of the world have had ample snow, while others have been in drought. If you create a spark everytime you touch something, chances are the air around the pipe organ is a little dry. Even a drug store humidifier can add some much-needed moisture.

To assure you’re adding moisture to the air around the instrument, place the humidifier at least 3 feet away from the pipe organ. Let the humidifier run for a few days before your next worship service (keep it filled with water). This will help keep your instrument from rebelling halfway through your prelude.

Dry air can cause sticky keys on tracker organs and ciphers on all types of pipe organs. Add a little humidity to keep your holiday peaceful and bright! Call us if you need us!

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