eNotes — October 2014

St. Patrick Builds a New Neighborhood Church

Last month, we talked briefly about St. Patrick Catholic Church in Lincoln, Nebraska. They have taken on quite a project and are using their collective skills and creativity to build a beautiful and accessible church. The members of the congregation have banded together to replace their original building with a combination of the modern and historical. Many have taken on the task of building pews. Even Bishop Conely donated oak trees for the project. As a fundraiser, congregants have the option of adopting a pew. Those adopting will donate space in addition to funds, storing the unassembled pew in their homes until they are ready to install in the Sanctuary.

The church has also rescued several items from other congregations. Their pipe organ was rescued from a church in Iowa. They have also rescued a set of Stations of the Cross windows and a bell. The bell was cast the same year this congregation was founded. The members of St. Patrick’s have also reclaimed some of their own pre-Vatican II items. The blend of old and new promises to be a loving dedication to the families that have, are, and will worship together.

Time to Tune?

TuningNobody really wants to admit it, but it’s time to prepare for Advent and Christmas. A month before the holidays commence is the best time to schedule pipe organ tuning and maintenance.

Give us a call at 402-420-7662 or send us a message through our service page. Heck! You can even tweet us or send us a message on Facebook. Unfortunately, we no longer accept carrier pigeons.

Aside from tuning, there are ways to prepare your worship space for the holidays. These few, simple adjustments can help prevent problems as temperatures change from crisp to cold:

  • Winter tends to be dry. Run a humidifier in the worship space during the colder months to reduce the chances of cracks in the wood, and ciphers.
  • Temperature affects pitch. Always warm the sanctuary to prepare for tuning, and well in advance of worship services.
  • Leave the Swell open. This helps regulate the temperature in that division.
  • Keep small objects in check on the console. A wayward paperclip can require costly repairs.

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