eNotes — April 2014

A Full Shop!

Our shop is filled with pipes and windchests. We have entered the second phase of two projects simultaneously. This phase takes some time to work through.

Phase Two starts with cleaning and repairing pipes. Each pipe gets the “spa treatment” in our heated bath. After each pipe is dry, it is inspected and repaired as needed. Some of the repairs are minor adjustments to remove dents. Some pipes are damaged and need more substantial work.

This phase also involves working on windchests. The most common issues with windchests involve the parts that are susceptible to dry air — wood and leather. All of the windchests need to be inspected for leaks. Leaks can be found in the leather pouches that control air flow to the individual pipes, or through cracks in the wood of the chests. Releathering a windchest can be time-consuming, but severe issues with the wood can necessitate completely rebuilding the chest. Dry air in and around a pipe organ can lead to costly repairs.

Opus 8 is on the Move!

Many organists have very fond memories of our Opus 8. It was built in 1976 for the Wesley House, a United Methodist campus ministry, on the UNL campus. Eventually United Minstries in Higher Education (UMHE), a multi-denominational outreach (United Methodist, United Church of Christ, Disciples of Christ, and Presbyterian) moved into Cornerstone. In 2010, Nebraska UMHE disbanded, leaving the Cornerstone building vacant.

In 2013, the Newman Center moved into the building for a temporary worship space. They are currently building a new St. Thomas Aquinas Church just blocks away from Cornerstone. Opus 8 is one of the instruments currently in our shop. When the new St. Thomas Aquinas Church is complete, we will move this instrument into its new home. We are posting this process on our Facebook page.

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