eNotes — February 2014

Opus 89 Dedication and Blessing

Bedient Pipe Organ Company's Opus 89 Console, an electro-pneumatic pipe organ

The Opus 89 Console

This Sunday, February 16, 2014, at 3 p.m., is the dedication and blessing service for Bedient’s Opus 89. We built Opus 89 in 2013 for St. Joseph Catholic Church in Lincoln, Nebraska. Most of this instrument was hoisted through a relatively small hole in the floor of the pipe chamber. This ambitious project is now complete and the music has started. Here is the invitation from the parish, all are welcome:

“You are warmly invited to an Organ Blessing and Dedication at St. Joseph Church (1940 South 77th Street, Lincoln, Nebraska) on Sunday, February 16 at 3:00 p.m. The concert celebrates the new Bedient pipe organ which was recently installed at St. Joseph Church and features Dr. Christopher Marks, Professor of Organ at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, brass and various choirs from the parish. A free will offering for St. Vincent DePaul will be taken and a reception will follow.”

Opus 28 — A Successful Organ Transplant!

Following the open house, our fearless crew drove a couple of trucks, loaded with Opus 28 and hydraulic lifts, to Cleveland, Ohio. They lifted the frame into the balcony of Mary Queen of Peace Catholic Church and assembled the instrument. Everyone at the church was warm and inviting, and very excited to provide a new home for Opus 28. The “transplant” went smoothly and quickly. Just like with a human tissue transplant, this instrument will breathe life into this church, and provide many years of joy. We were so very pleased to be part of that process, and made some good friends as well.

We have more photos of this process on Facebook. To learn more about becoming a tissue donor, visit our corporate partner, Nebraska Organ Recovery System’s site.

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