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We have translated our website into Chinese, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish! In the top-right of the home screen (and many other screens), you will find a national flag. Click that flag to read our site in any of the six languages (see the image on the right). Click on the American flag to return to the English-language version. Some parts of the site are English-only, like the stop lists of pipe organs and this News section.

Opus 89 Installation

If you have been following us on Facebook, you have seen photo updates of the Opus 89 project at St. Joseph Catholic Church in Lincoln, Nebraska. This is possibly the biggest project the casual spectator has never noticed.

One of the teachers from the St. Joseph school chatted with a crew member yesterday. She watched us roll in the new console, slide the pedalboard in place, and she asked questions. As a member of the congregation, she watched the construction of the Ancillary Choir Division and wondered when they might get to hear the instrument. Her jaw continued to drop as she was shown photos of the activity in the main pipe chamber, behind the Crucifix, above the altar, behind grillwork and a screen that never changed. She stood at the base of the ladder leading up to that chamber, and was astounded by how 16′ pipes were moved through the 36″ hole in the floor, and how an entire two-story structure was built without her seeing any of this activity.

The most impressive part of this instrument is what you will never see: pipes as large as tree trunks and as small as pencils, hundreds of yards of electrical wire, scores of magnets, computer components, enormous bellows, and exceptional workers who work totally without fear. But this feat of stealth engineering is meant to be heard. We are nearing the end of the construction period. Soon, the voicing and tuning team will take over. Soon, we’ll hear the beauty of this instrument.

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