eNotes — mid-August 2013

NPM Convention

NPM Convention!

A little smile from the NPM Convention!

We’ve had a great time mixing, mingling, and showing you what we do best — building beautiful pipe organs!
Paul and John were in Washington, DC, just a few weeks ago. You may have seen our photos on Facebook. They enjoyed lots of laughs, good food, and meeting exceptional people at the convention. We even gave away some CDs and Barnes and Noble gift certificates. The photos on the right are of Justin Krueger and Jay Wagner, smiling and holding their certificates. We like to see you smile!

Opus 89 Open House

Our open house was just last weekend, and it was a rousing success! Hundreds of people came through our doors. Opus 89 was tuned and ready to play, and the manuals felt the touch of many local musicians, including the organist at St. Joseph’s, who beamed as he played. It was great to hear our baby sing! Since everyone knew this would be their only opportunity to see much of this pipe organ, there were lots of cameras and phones out, snapping photos and video. Members of the crew, including the designer, were like proud parents talking about the newest addition to the family. You could feel the excitement in every inch of the shop. It’s the fastest 4 hours we’ve ever spent! Thank you, to those of you who were part of this great afternoon!

The Opus 89 Installation

We’re not done yet! We’re dismantling Opus 89 this week, packing her up, and moving her across town to her new home. That’s where we’ll see the fruits of months of labor. The Console and the Ancillary Choir Division will be installed first. Those are the parts of the pipe organ the congregation will see. Once installed, each pipe will be voiced and tuned in the worship space. The Sanctuary is the largest part of the instrument, so that is where we will carefully work each pipe to blend the sound you expect from such a grand instrument.
The next step will be the hard labor of pulling the Principal, Great, Swell, and Pedal Divisions up through a hole in the floor of the pipe chamber. Don’t worry, we’ll take plenty of pictures of this process. Once reassembled in the pipe chamber, we’ll start the voicing and tuning process. This is where the rubber hits the road, and we’ll keep you updated.

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