eNotes — August 2013

Bedient Open House

We’re having an open house to celebrate the installation of our new Opus 89! Come join us Sunday, August 18 (1 – 5 p.m.) for cookies, punch, and a chance to see Opus 89, as it nears completion. Most of this instrument will be located in an elevated chamber behind the reredos, so this may be your only opportunity to see parts of this instrument. Our shop is just west of the intersection of Highway 77 and Saltillo Road, on Shrine Way (just turn right at the fez!). You should see the building on the west side of the highway when you’re getting close.

Opus 89 Arrives this Month

Opus 89

The Bedient shop is bustling and buzzing with excitement, as our crew gets the Opus 89 ready for its new home. St. Joseph Catholic Church in Lincoln, Nebraska is expecting the first stage of this installation at the end of this month. In our last eNotes, we talked about the unusual nature of this installation. Almost everything will be pulled through a hole in the floor of the pipe chamber! Luckily we don’t have to pull the console through that space. Certainly the organist will be pleased to play out in the fresh air.

The console will be housed near the Ancillary Choir Division, in the balcony, near the choristers. The console will be on a moveable and completely detached platform. A CPU (Central Processing Unit), paired with network routers, will facilitate the communication necessary to control the combination action. The console consists of three manuals of 61-note compass. The pedalboard is 32 keys, AGO standard, concave, and radiating. The console includes two balanced expression pedals for the Swell and Ancillary Choir, and a programmable crescendo pedal.

The combination action includes eight General Pistons duplicated with toe studs. Each Division (Swell, Great, Ancillary Choir, and Pedal) will have six Pistons. The Tutti, Set, General Cancel will also be controlled by the combination action. The Reversables between the Great and Pedal, Swell and Pedal, and Ancillary Choir and Pedal are controlled by thumb and toe stud; while those between the Swell and Great, Ancillary Choir and Great, and the Swell and Ancillary Choir are controlled by thumb only. The Crescendo and Tutti are programmable and the Piston Sequencer has 99 Memory Levels. The console also has MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) ports to allow the church to retro-fit Opus 89 with MIDI, if they so choose.

This is a thoroughly modern and flexible instrument, and it will be a dream to play. Many organists associate Bedient with tracker organs. Opus 89 has an electro-pneumatic slider action and the tonal design is eclectic. The memory levels and expression boxes will make this instrument suitable for Romantic, Twentieth Century, and contemporary literature in addition to Baroque repertoire.

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