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Phoenix 77

Phoenix 77
Private Residence
WashingtonA Phoenix model from our Legacy Series is ready for immediate delivery.

A Phoenix model from our Legacy Series is ready for immediate delivery.

With 15 ranks/14 speaking stops, the Phoenix is perfect for small to medium sized sanctuary.  Tonally, this tracker organ offers a strong foundation with the addition of a Principal 8 in the principal chorus, brilliant color from the Sesquialtera, strings in the swell for quiet interludes and reeds for breathing life into the ensemble.


Praestant 8 (tc)
Praestant 4
Octave 2
Sesquialtera II
Mixture II-III


Gedackt 8
Salicional 8
Voix celeste 8
Spitzflute 4
Flute 2
Cromorne 8 Bass
Trumpet 8 Treble


Subbass 16
Flute 8



Another wonderful feature of this instrument is its compact size.  At only 6′-4″ wide, 10′-4″ tall and 10′-2″ deep (including pedalboard and rear-mounted Subbass 16) the Phoenix can fit a variety of tight spaces.

The case and bench feature both solid and veneered ribbon-striped mahogany throughout with a durable polyurethane finish.  Hand carved pipe shades by our master carver, Todd Znamenacek, are crafted from red gum wood.  The manuals are supplied with bone keytops, ebony sharps and faces, and walnut cheeks.  The concave, radiating pedalboard features oak pedals with maple caps.  The Peterson Duo-Set combination action system provides 32 levels of memory.

Arrangements can be made for you to play this instrument at our shop.  Please call 800-382-4225 or 402-420-7662 for details.

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2 Responses

  1. Brandon Tuomikoski

    Oh my! What an organ. I live in Omaha. The Cathedral has 2 of your organs and they are a delightful instrument to play. Love their sound. Wish I had the room in my home! I currently need an organ. But space and money is a limited thing! Hopefully some day!

  2. Peter Rudewicz

    My name is Peter Rudewicz and I am trying to persuade my school to purchase a Pipe Organ. I am 13 years old and am in 8th grade at IACS(Innovation Academy Charter School)Tyngsboro, MA. The building my school is housed in was once a monastery, then purchased by Boston University and then purchased by IACS. Because it was once a monastery, it features a chapel with a high vaulted ceiling, with a reverberation time of about three seconds. It is an ideal place to put an organ. I would like to know the cost of the 15 rank, 14 stop “phoenix” organ currently available. Since my school is a charter school it is pushing very hard for funding for it by the state, so cost consideration plays a very large factor. I understand that your company offers special pricing and free shipping on this particular instrument, one of the reasons I have interest in this organ. I am not sure how far away you offer free shipping as Massachusetts is quite a ways from Nebraska. I have heard several Bedient pipe organs and must say the sound beautiful! Another one of the reasons I am interested in this pipe organ is that I have been advised by several fellow organists that Bedient produces quality organs with amazing tonal capabilities. I am doing a presentation to my schools executive director very soon on the possible options we have of obtaining an organ, and I would love to be able to add this phoenix organ to my list of possible organs.Also, does this organ have a 2 rank mixture?, because it has 15 ranks but only 14 stops I have been playing the organ for the past six years and it is an instrument that I love, so I am really going to push my school to purchase this organ.If my director declines my offer, would you mind notifying me if you know of any other organs available. Thank you.
    Peter Rudewicz

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