Small but powerful: The Lancaster continuo organ

Bedient Pipe Organ - Continuo

Opus 87
The Lancaster Positiv

We are pleased to announce an addition to our Legacy Series of fine, standardized pipe organs.

The Lancaster is now available for those who require a small, economical and simple continuo organ.

Featuring a durable oak cabinet, this instrument has no visible facade pipes making it uniquely suited to travel throughout your facility and other venues without threat of damage to pipework.  Because all pipes except the highest notes of the Octave 2 are made of wood, the instrument is light enough to be moved by two people.  The wooden pipes also help ensure the stability of tuning during humidity changes.

The Lancaster is designed to be easily transported in a large range of vehicles.  The 2′ tall upper portion of the organ, housing all of the pipes and keyboard, separates from the 1′ tall base, that contains the blower.  The music rack also folds down to ease portability.

The stoplist is: Gedackt 8, Flute 4, Octave 2.  The compass is C-D-d3.  In lieu of a transposing mechanism and the problems of temperament associated with transposing, this instrument will be tuned to a440 but can be re-tuned to a417. It is self-contained and has a quiet wind system.

Call us for more information: 800-382-4225 or 402-420-7662

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