Opus 37 Dedication Concert

On July 13th, Gwen and Gene Bedient
attended the re-dedication of Bedient Opus 37 which has been moved from the Charles Lang/Susan Ferré residence in Oklahoma to a new home in Gorham, New Hampshire. The organ along with several other keyboard instruments are on loan to Chapel Arts, a private performance space/art gallery in Gorham.

Ferré played a spectacular and moving program comprised of works of D. Scarlatti, Cabezon, Correa de Arauxo, Delalande Bach, Dubois, Ahrens, Langlais, Vierne and Alain. The pieces were built around an original story written by Susan Ferré describing the life journey of a young Catalan girl living in the Pyrenees. A sizable and attentive audience was on hand and those living in or traveling to Gorham will be able to enjoy many other fine future performances on Bedient Opus 37 at Chapel Arts.



Bedient Opus 37 Specifications

Manual I

  • Rohrflute 8
  • Praestant 4
  • Quinte 2-2/3
  • Octave 2
  • Terz 1-3/5 treble
  • Cymblen I

Manual II

  • Gedackt 8
  • Spitzflute 4
  • Fluit 1
  • Dulzainas 8


  • Subbass 16
  • I/Pedal
  • II/Pedal
  • II/I
  • Tremulant
  • Rossignol

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