Bedient in Sioux Falls

case installedhorizontal_trumpetMost of the Bedient Pipe Organ crew descended upon First Congregational Church in Sioux Falls, SD, Nov 11, to begin installation of Opus 81.   Even with dozens of members of the congregation helping unload the truck, it took two hours to move all of the pieces indoors.  Fortunately, we were assisted by sunny skies and mild temperatures. The installation, essentially a complete renovation of the church’s 1967 Reuter, follows a successful resuscitation of the organ’s console and wind system Bedient completed several years ago.   While the organ’s original non-speaking façade included only pipes, the new façade features red oak casework designed to accentuate the frame and panel woodwork below the organ chamber.

guilding pipes Featuring 20 round and triangular projections, the organ case is balanced by more than 100 pipes, most of them now speaking.   We also installed new Great and Pedal windchests and repositioned a refinished and reorganized console on a rolling dolly.   When completed, the organ will contain 15 new stops, bringing the total to 55.  

casework continued

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