The Town of Sewickley, Pennsylvania, is located a short distance northwest of Pittsburgh along the Ohio River. Although the town was officially incorporated in 1853, Presbyterians had been meeting for worship in the area since the early 1800s. Worship services were held first in a log cabin and then in a brick church until the present stone building was completed in 1861. A chapel was added in 1953. The church remains a vibrant part of life in the community.

The small chapel is Gothic in design and seats 80 worshipers. Although the central aisle is carpeted, the high ceiling and plaster walls create a good acoustic environment. The furnishings are richly carved with liturgical themes. Jewel-toned stained glass windows adorn the right side of the chapel. A small balcony is located over the rear of the nave. To learn more click here.

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Why We Build Pipe Organs

The pipe organ is a powerful, versatile, and inspirational instrument. When wind moves through organ pipes, it produces sounds that combine perfectly with the human voice. This makes pipe organs ideal instruments for choral and solo accompaniment in worship and concert settings. This grand instrument is as inspiring as an orchestra filled with players, yet gentle enough to play as a continuo instrument.
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